Unbaked Cake

by Sam Brown

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Eighty percent of the proceeds from this work will be donated to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.


released 26 July 2014

Mixed/Mastered by Carter Fourqurean

Bass - Carter Fourqurean
Guitar - Nate Dierk
Guitar - Matthew Booth
Drums - Kevin Church
Vocals - Sam Brown



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Sam Brown Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Track Name: War/Get Up!
War, make a man of me
War, set me free
Get up!
Get down!
Get cut up, hung up, and then you're gone.
Get once, get twice, get three times and you're out
so come on.
Join the never-ending war,
it's the greatest of them all, yea.
Get up!
Get up!
Get down.
Get once, get twice, get three times and you're out
Get down
Get down, down, down!
Get free
get head, get your wife in bed
Track Name: While You're Searching for Something (That's Not Even There)
You're so high
that you don't have to confess
to all of the things
that you've done.

When your time is over
don't bother with goodbyes,
we'll say them for you
when you're gone.

You'll serve no sentence for
all of your crimes
you won't take the blame
for anything.

Are you happy
yes, are you glad,
now that you're finally king?

Like the elders of Rome,
like Nero in robes,
wearing the clothes
that you wear

You'll need more than God
to see you through,
more than St. Peter
or Gabriel,
more than the pope
could ever do
while you're searching
for something
that's not even there.

Where have you been?
Are you hiding like him?
Are you having a drink to yourself?
Do you have a better story to tell
with all of the books that you've lined
on your shelf?

He says, "if you ever wanted to be like me
I could tell you a thing or two,
I could set you free,
I could make you feel pain that you've never felt
while our heads will just lie in the gutter."

He said, "your head is a jail,
your eyes are confession,
your tongue is the empty letter
your mother sent you."

"I have been made sick by the sounds
of my own mind
I have searched everywhere
but I just can't seem to find
a place where I can soothe my head
and cool my troubled mind
to die without an image
upon a living bed."

And this whole country
will turn to a mess
while you're searching
for something
that's not even there.
Track Name: Drop the Bomb
B-b-breaking news, boy
the war is over
you're gonna be
a hero
to them all.

I hope you're ready
I know I am,
this bomb's gonna drop one,
you might not wanna stand.

Pack up your things, man,
put on your hat
find yourself a girl
you're going to the ball.

Just wait one second,
let them get prepared,
put up all their makeup
and stitch up every tear.

Drop the bomb,
Drop the bomb